Using creativity and connection to live our best lives.

Hey, I'm Hannah, a coach, a mama, a dancer, a dreamer.  And I'm really glad you're here.  Want to find out why?

Any more, I only hang with people online who inspire me. So that's my goal on the blog - to inspire you.

There are lots of ways we can work together: Equus Coachingโ„ข with the horses, life coaching, or even some combination of the two...

Hannah is a gifted, creative healer and coach. She helped me discover unconscious limiting beliefs that were scripts running in the background of my life. With her assistance I was able to change those beliefs and find more joy and fulfillment in all areas of my life. I now realize how difficult it is to do that on my own. Having Hannah guide me through allowed me to make great strides to living the life of my dreams.
— Karen, Ohio
Working with Hannah changed my life. The accountability I received helped me to progress much faster toward my goals, and her insight was invaluable. Now I feel more connected to my own inner guidance, and I have some tools to move forward when I get stuck. Pretty awesome!
— Leigh, Arkansas