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Hi, I’m Hannah. I’m a seeker and a struggler and a dreamer. I feel a lot (always cry at this one) and worry a lot (climate crisis, anyone?) and when I’m at my worst, it’s usually because I’m overworked, screen addicted, and starved for nature.

When I’m at my best, it’s most often because a small list of seemingly simple things is in practice in my daily life. I’m going to share about all that good stuff here, because I want to remember my days filled to the brim with what I love most: family, friends, my business, our little farm. I want the way I live to be less a part of the problems I see and more a part of the solution. You too?


Ramblings about life as a busy mom running a business in the magical hills of the Ozarks. See more of my horses, hear about my meditation practice, get a dose of inspiration when it strikes.

I mostly teach at my own studio, but I also love to give a talk here and there or teach a class for others. Getting a surprise message in my inbox is also a treat. Feel free to shoot me an email!

Want to hear more about my business, what I teach, how I ended up owning a little farm? (Hint: I didn’t start horseback riding until I was almost 30 years old.) Head this way. I’m thrilled you’re here.