Hi, I’m Hannah Pasquinzo.

I’ve spent the last 22 years building my career as a dance instructor and business owner. I believe that self-employment is up there with marriage and parenting when it comes to the personal growth required to do it well. And when you sign up for the long haul, the benefits outweigh the struggles hands down.

For instance, the freedom self-employment has given me to seek, explore, and grow… it’s one of my greatest, most beautiful gifts. I’ve done all sorts of things while still growing my business:

  • train as a Pilates instructor

  • start horseback riding right before my 30th birthday #NeverTooOld

  • move to a cute little farm just outside of town - a total dream come true, chicken sh*t and all ;)

  • become a certified life coach and Equus Coach (that’s life coaching with horses)

  • learn to meditate

  • complete Tara Mohr’s Playing Big Facilitators Training

  • rediscover my love for yoga

All the while, I’ve been picking my kids up from school and running them to all their activities without worrying about a paycheck. This is the biggest reason I started my business in the first place! So I could be as present for my family as possible and still make a living doing something I enjoy, something that makes a positive impact on my community.

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The journey has been beautiful, but of course, it hasn’t all been a walk in the park.

Like so many other women I know (and maybe you, too?), I have the tendency to over schedule, drown myself in to-do lists, get way out of alignment with my values and then wonder how in the hell I got “here”: overworked, starved for nature, and worried about how to use less plastic as I drive through Starbucks for another hit of cold brew. You know the feeling… when it’s just easier to have a glass of wine, plop down on the couch, and see what’s up (again) on Insta.

But even when life feels hard, when I catch myself in that spiral of too much stress, I’m so grateful for all of the experiences that have led me to this point. I now have so many tools to help bring me back home to myself, to more peace of mind and a restful heart.

Breath. Move my body. Reflect. Rest. Get outside. Get support. Repeat.

Now, in addition to running my business, I like to share what works for me with other busy, heart-centered, purpose-driven women. Because no one can do it alone, and we’re all in this together. I write, teach movement classes, lead meditations, and give a talk here and there. And I’d love to pop into your inbox from time to time to keep you posted on what I’ve got cooking.

Mostly, I want us to join together in slowing down, feeling more joy, and being more conscious about creating a world that feels good to live in.

And it all starts here, with us. In the beautiful, ordinary moments of our day-to-day lives.




A bit more for my fellow navel gazers:

Meyers Briggs: INFJ

Enneagram: 9w1, or 1w9… haven’t decided yet.

Dogs or Cats: Horses. After that, I’m pretty much equal opportunity!

Core Values: Connection | Freedom | Flow

Favorite Podcasts: Armchair Expert | With Love, Danielle

Must Reads: Playing Big by Tara Sophia Mohr | Harry Potter (Ravenclaw, here) | Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens

Want to get in touch?

You can head over here or simply shoot me an email. I’d love to hear from you!